Wire BPDO 0.35

Wire BPDO 0,35
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BPDO 0,35 - wire onboard with a vein of copper tinned wires, with insulation from radiation-cross-linked polyethylene and fluoroplastic; The BPED is the same, with a screen of copper tinned wires.

The BPU is the same as that of the EAD, with a hardened core, the BPEDE is the same, with a screen of copper tinned wires;

For fixed intra-device and inter-device installation of electrical devices and terminal ends of on-board electrical equipment of aviation equipment at voltage up to 600V AC with frequency up to 2000 Hz or DC voltage up to 850V at temperature from minus 60 ° С to plus 105 ° С.
The wires are manufactured in climatic design В according to GOST В 20 39 404-81.

Conductor - copper or aluminum wire.
Insulation is polyvinyl chloride plastic.
The shell is polyvinyl chloride plastic, for cables with the index "ng" - PVC plastic of low combustibility.
Screen - aluminum foil.

The Bordeaux wire is 0.2mm with a 7x0.26 construction, the maximum external diameter is 1.7mm, the weight is 1km 5.4 kg.