Scope of MGHV wire

Wire MGSHV 0.5 0.35 0.2 0.12 Ukraine

MGSHV wires are used for mobile and fixed indoor and inter-installation installation of electrical devices and output terminals of electrical equipment, connection of electronic and electrical equipment, instruments and apparatus, installation of automatic telephone exchanges and switching devices at voltages up to 380 V for sections 0.08-0.14 mm2 and 1000 V for sections 0.2 -1.5 mm frequency up to 10,000 Hz and a constant voltage of up to 500 and 1500 V respectively, at temperatures from minus 50 ° C to plus 70 ° C. Wire assembly MGSHV made in the sections MGSHV 0.12, MGSHV 0.2, MGSHV 0.35, MGSHV 0.5; MGSHV 0.75, MGSHV 1.0 and MGSHV 1.5 mm 2. In the design of the MGSHV wire laid insulation layer of polyester thread, which is located in the interlayer between the copper core and PVC insulated wire MGSHV. The properties of this layer of polyester yarn lies in the additional electrical protection of the wire MGSHV, also in this layer an air layer is created between PVC insulation and a copper core, and air, as is known, is a dielectric. Also, additional insulation made of polyester yarns protects the outer insulation of PVC from melting, charring and ignition in the event of a short circuit or passing more than the current set during the voltage drops. It can also be noted that this design protects the MGSHV wire from heating the core. The wires MGSHV have increased operational stability and reliability, during the aggressive impact of the external environment on the construction of the mounting wire MGSHV, the occurrence of any deformation modifications is excluded, including the entry of such technical fluids as gasoline, oil, hydrochloric and acid solutions onto the surface of the protective layer. The quality of MGSWV wires functioning is not affected by the formation of external factors, such as icing, dew, frost, and fungal growths and mold. Unlike other wires, such as wire 3, one can note the high stability of the copper core wire MGSHV to a large number of bends. Mounting wires MGSHV 0.12 mm2 to MGSHV 1.5 mm2 do not spread combustion with a single gasket. The MGHVW wiring supports short-term exposure to temperatures: 100 ° C for 96 hours, 130 ° C for 5 minutes, 150 ° C for 3 minutes (without further use). The service life of the wires is 15 years. The choice of analogs for MGHV wire replacement is quite large, starting from the banal PV-3, the HV-wire (Belarus) to the foreign analogue HV 05 and HV 07, but the PV-3 and HV05 are rated for voltage up to 450 volts, while the wire MGSHV is rated for a rated voltage of 1000V with a cross section of 0.35 to 1.5 mm2. It is also worth noting that the insulation of PV-3 is stricter than the wire insulation of MGSHV, but if we reject the class of wire flexibility and select the analogs of the MGSHV wire by voltage, then the difference in replacement will be reflected in the wire cross-section, for example, MGSHV cross-section 0.5 can be replaced PV-3 with a cross-section of 1.5, which would be inconvenient for the installation of some devices and devices. Also, the lack of a PV-3 wire in this case is the absence of a tinned core.

The best analog of MGSHV can be considered the wire HB or HBM, this wire corresponds to voltage, is manufactured with a voltage of 600V and 1000V HB-600 and NV-1000, it has 3.4 and 5th class of flexibility, which will not affect the convenience of installation, but this wire does not have a polyester thread inside the insulation, so it will not have the same properties as the MGH wire.